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  3. S Zna se, može se...... Očito je već svima dosadio sustav daj pare evo ti alfa, pa su ljudi pokazali kakav se proizvod može napravit free...Projekt još nije gotov 100% i rad se nastavlja.... Nije da nema mane, nije savršen, ali radi odlično i meni se dopada. Uz to potpuno je besplatan što ga svrstava u pravi raritet u DCS svijetu. Svaka čast dečki i hvala na trudu ! FAQ Q: Is it really free? A:Yes, it’s really free. detalji na linku https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=224989
  4. S Nakon otprilike 10-ak godina aktivnog letenja OldSturm seowa odlučili smo nastaviti letenje SEOWa do kraja jer ionako nijedan noviji simulator nije u stanju to odsimulirati….niti približno. Grafika nam je pod navodnicima "ružna" na simulatoru, ali stara ekipa je na okupu 110%.... Zahvaljujući starom SEOW majstoru Thoru ovaj put odlazimo na Okinawu u vrijeme najtežih borbi na tom dijelu bojišta..... Registracije su još teoretski moguće iako takvo letenje nije baš zanimljivo za svakoga zbog hardcore pristupa svemu i svačemu….za sada je registirano oko 90-ak pilota iz različitih eskadrila. P.S. ujedno najavljujem da neću moći sudjelovati u treningu (a sumnjam da ću uopće i paliti DCS narednih 17 nedjelja ….) vidimo/čujemo se u negdje tamo u 2019.-oj.... L.P. Za one koji žele znati više kratki info kako to otprilike izgleda SEOW: Battle of OkinawaStart date: Sunday 11.11.2018 (it is not fixed yet, but i hope it will be that Sunday)Game mode: Dogfight Game server online: from 21 - 01 CET ((yes, this means you can jump in at any time...it is still preferable to join ~21:00 to fly with max numbers of human players from Europe.....if we have more interests from people from other continents it can be adjusted so missions stay up even longer)Respawns: Allowed 3 lives per nightNumber of missions. 14 + 3 on Sakashima mapGame server: IL2.varpthor.tk:21000Hyperlobby: Maybe, still not decidedTeamSpeak: gec.servebeer.com:7777Campaign slots parameters: Maps: Okinawa and SakishimaAllied air: 80 per missionAllied ground: 40 per missionAllied sea: 50 per missionAxis air: 60 per missionAxis ground: 30 per missionAxis sea: 15 per missionAI spawn time: on every full hour or every 2 hours (depends on commanders)**Start time are to be stretched over 4 hours and not all units will be moving/flying at the same timeDesign:Campaign was designed to historically cover as many details as possible within limitations of the game itself. Most of the units have their historical names and most of the air force was covered too trough squadrons and plane type. Lack of documentation for Japanese side prevented me from going into even bigger details. Of course, i couldn't put all the existing ships which were there in reality, but all the mayor ones like BB, CA, CV, CVE were covered. Along side Battle of Okinawa allied were suppressing Sakishima islands and bombarding Japanese airbases on Kyushu. I've decided to include this suppression on Sakishima islands as a prelude to main battle. Including suppression of Kyushu would have been too much work on top of this so i cut it out. As we know a week after landing IJN sent their proud Yamato BB on the one way trip toward Okinawa. So, this element was included in the campaign and we will have "Operation Ten Go". Since this map ain't that large, it will be on this map, not on historical location some 250km NW.If we have historical units on the stage, do we need to follow historical landing positions and troop deployment locations? I think no, otherwise it would be "scripted" and predictable. But it can be. I will leave that to commander freedom of choice. The real landing itself was almost unopposed, but i can not guarantee it here since i have no idea where landing will take place. This means it is up to commander to "soften" landing site.Prelude to battle:In first three missions the whole British Task Force 57 will be outside of Okinawa area and it has a purpose to suppress Japanese airbases on Sakishima islands and disrupt plane transfers from Formosa too. In total there will be 350 various planes possible to transfer from Formosa and Sakishima to air withdraw. All the planes that are able to get to it will become available for Japanese use on SW corner of Okinawa map. It is an imperative for Allies to destroy as many planes on the ground/air as they can. Allies also need to cover their own fleet. Any plane/ship lost on the Sakishima map can not be replaced on the Okinawa map and it is counted in total losses. British Task Force 57 can return to Okinawa map as early as mission 5, but it doesn't have to if commander decide he don't need it. No Allied ship should come 30km from any of Sakishima islands. All the action need to be air to air or air to ground. Axis side is allowed to perform anti ship actions if they want.In meanwhile, while we fly Sakishima map, AI stuff will be doing their part on Okinawa map. Allied side will be allowed to sail around Okinawa island and to shell it from 3 battle ships task group. On the mission planner map it is drown how close to shore this battle ships can come. This will simulate huge bombardment of the island prior the landing. Coming that close to shore will be allowed only in first 2 AI missions. After that All BB and CA need to move additional ~ 5km+ from the green line marked on the map. CV,CVL and DD can stay on the green line if commander want because their fire range is only 8km comparing to 18km on BB and CA shipsAllied big bombers should flat the place, and both sides need to gain recon where the enemy is because initial recon is set to 0 on both sides.In this 2 AI missions, Allied commander need to put landing ships force in a position from which landing will be executed in mission #1 we gonna play there . Even if Axis gain recon on the American fleet earlier, they are not allowed to attack it prior mission 3 on Okinawa sector when all the small boats are unloaded and ready to sail to shore.When it comes to Yamato battle group, they can move around northern part of the map in every mission, but are allowed to go south outside exclusion zone only after mission 5. US recon planes should find the battle group and keep an eye on it. Allied side is not allowed to attack Yamato battle group before Okinawa mission #5.After that they can attack it regardless if the battle group went out exclusion zone or not. BTW, exclusion zones are area marked on the mission planner map where you are unable to send ships because it refuse to finish plot.In this 2 AI missions on Okinawa sector both sides can plan fighter cap and escorts, plus Allied side can send bombers to lit up Okinawa island.Since commanders need to plan a lot of flights for Sakishima, those 2 AI missions on Okinawa will have only 30 plane slots for Allies, and 20 for Axis. ALL of them should be marked as AI ONLY. Use them wisely.Main battle on Okinawa map, guide,rules,tips:Allied side:Ok, when we come to mission #3, we should see landing executed. There are different units which should execute this. LSD ships are carrying DUKW transports and LVTs and unload them on the sea from where they should be ploted to move independently. LST and LST rocket ships are carrying heavy stuff and they need to come all the way to the beach. Those are the ONLY ships allowed to come that close to the shore! DUKWs and LVTs could be planned to move further inland right away if commander wants. They serve as a land transport too. Why i chose DUKW and LVT instead of normal landing crafts? It is because there is quite a lot of this transports and collisions are almost unavoidable. Well, the only problem is that even if your small transport hit the BB or CV, both are gone. This is game limitation. So using land version of the object prevented any crashes between them or between them and capital ships. For all capital ships commander should take really good care not to crash them. What is lost is lost, and no commander error will be repaired. One of the factor for victory are the ship, so please pay attention to it. The only thing which might be repaired is if ship hit damaged ship in front of it which slowed down because of the damage. There is no collision avoidance for the ships in this game. The best solution to avoid collision are task forces with enough separation. I have placed all the ships in task forces as a default state.It would be the best that commander make timing so landing crafts hit the beach at the end of the mission. This is because there will be less chance that transports get destroyed by artillery peaces you missed in "softening" process. Make sure that landing fleet is covered from the air to the last second of the mission. After Okinawa mission #3 is over, units packed inside crafts need to be unloaded and after that we are in sort of normal war we had many times before. In this campaign, i did not put hard accent on logistic. I mean, it is there but you don't have to balance on the tip of the sword.Priority for Allies should be to grab as fast as possible some land based airfield so P38s,P47s,P51s, B25s and B29s could fly in from Marianas and Iwo Jima and provide additional close air support for troops on the ground.Allied side need to capture at least one base and one control point to qualify for victory conditions.There is finite number of units available and do not make foolish charges. All units will be using simple+bridge movement mode. That means, you can move all around, but rivers need to be crossed on the bridge or you should go around where it is possible. Destroyed bridge will be automatically repaired after 1 mission.Axis side:It is simple for this side. Not many ships to take care of. Not knowing where enemy will land and not enoug force to cover everything simplify things and commander just like in reality can choose where to fight. Still, there are some control points which should be defended as best as possible. Enemy will try to take some of the land bases, so position your artillery so you have plan B. IJA have huge stocks of various artillery. There are numerous patrol boats around the island. In reality they have been used as suicide units. Try to use them the same way and ram Allied ships. From mission #6 Axis are allowed to use MXY7-11 from spawns around Okinawa. Keep in mind they fly only 5-8 minutes so chose nerby ships. For distant ships use normal planes with bombs to ram them. Try not to over use Kamikaze, because human losses are worth 1 point at the end. Even though Allied side have huge armada available, IJA have a lot of planes to give them hell in the air and on the sea/ground. Try to use Okinawas planes first so airstarts from Kyushu and Sakashima serve as option 2.....and you are not that sorry if you lose 200 planes if/when Allied capture your airfields.Just like for Allies, Axis units are finite, and there is no production nor reinforcements. Use this rock as a attrition ground and make every unit count...just like it was in reality.
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  7. Ma da..meni to zvuči ko brzo zgrtanje love..ime ne baš inventivno..no, možda će nekome ko prije nije imao FC3 i tek ulazi u svijet DCS-a, ovo biti zanimljivo..
  8. ¨S Jedva cekam prepurchase……..ovo će biti prava igra,,,,,,,znaju dečki kako se to radi.... zašto bih imao jedan komad FC3 ako mogu imat 2 komada ? Modern Air Combat by Eagle Dynamics Coming this Autumn!
  9. List of Wings and Squadrons sorted by name (63 active of 65 in total) AMVI - Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana - http://www.amvi.it/ Belgian Virtual Tigers Chinese Gyrfalcon Virtual Fighter Wing Drunken Reapers - http://www.drunkenreapers.org Ejército del Aire Virtual ( EdAv) - http://www.edavirtual.org ESAF - Escuadrón Sudamericano Allied Force - http://www.escuadron-esaf.com Escadron de Chasse 05.025 « Mousquetaires » - http://escadron-mousquetaires.com/ Escuadrón 111 - http://www.escuadron111.com/new/ ESCUADRÓN CRUZ DE SAN ANDRES Falcon Thailand - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Falco...20326274833429 EC \ 05-Stormriders - http://www.ffw05.fr German Virtual Tigers - http://germanvirtualtigers.blogspot.com/ Master Arms - http://www.masterarms.se/forum/index.php S-RDAF SKYWOLF - http://www.skywolf.cl UOAF United Operations Air Forces - http://forums.unitedoperations.net VAMPYRES - https://www.facebook.com/Vampyres-Fl...4062181021753/ VETERANS-GAMING VFA-141 "Wolfpack" - http://www.vfa-141.com VFAF Buzzards - http://www.escadron-vfaf-buzzards.esy.es/ Virtual Italian Air Force - http://www.viaf.it/home Virtual Marine Attack Squadron 214 - http://www.vma214.com VJS 161 MAD BULLS Virtual Venezuelan Air Force /Fuerza Aerea Venezolana Virtual - www.favvirtual.com.ve VOLO VIRTUALE 102 - http://www.volovirtuale102.it/forum/ 1st Virtual Fighter Wing - www.1stVFW.com - NO LONGER FLYING FALCON BMS DCS ONLY 1st Glory Wings VFW - http://www.1stgw.com/ 6th VFW - www.6thvfw.co 7th Air Force Command - http://www.gumuskaplanlar.org/ 7th VFW WOLFPACK - http://cafe.naver.com/wolfpacks 8th FFW "Dragons" - http://ffw08.weebly.com/ 8th Virtual Fighter Wing 9.Virtual Jet Command - http://savasansahinler.com/forum/ 13 Wirtualna Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego (13 WELT) - 13welt.pl 16th "Ark Angels" VFW - www.16tharkangels.net 18th VAS "CHINA Virtual Aggressor SQ " - http://www.vfleetcn.org/thread.php?fid=35 18th VAS "CHINA Virtual Aggressor SQ its currently inactive. 20th VFW - http://www.20thvfw.org 21º E.V.C VIPER - https://www.facebook.com/EsquadraoVFenix 27th Virtual Fighter Wing - 27thvfw.org 31st VFW - http://www.31st.nl 35th VFS - http://www.35thvfs.com 35th VFW - http://35thvfw.web.fc2.com/ 42nd Young Fighters -https://www.facebook.com/groups/YFaircraftsimulation/ 440th Virtual Fighter Wing 47th VFS "Dragon Fighters" - http://www.47df.com 49TH Black Diamonds - www.49th.de 52nd Independent Knight Squadron 56th Virtual Fighter Wing - http://www.thunderboltsvfw.com 72nd VFW - http://www.72ndvfw.org/home 87th Stray Dogs - http://www.87th.org/ 91.VLE"NEBESKI VITEZOVI"/Sky Knights - http://hrvatskavirtualnaaviosimulacija.com/ 119vfs the bat squadron - http://www.119vfs.tk/ 122 Escuadrón Falcon - Ala 12 Virtual - www.ala12.com 121st VFS Grim Griffins - www.121vfs.net 167vfs - http://www.167vfs.tk 182th Virtual Hawk Fighter Wing - http://www.185th.co.uk 182th Virtual Hawk Fighter Wing 201 VFS - FALCÕES - http://201vfs.org/ 320vFW e-HAF - http://www.e-haf.org/ 384th "Bats Outta Hell VFW - htp://384thvirtualfightersquadron.enjin.com 401st Tactical Fighter Wing - http://401tfw.enjin.com/ 420th Chaos Reigns - http://www.420th.org 777th Jokers - http://www.777jokers.com 801st TFW - http://forum.801sttfw.com/ GV06-5Js 101e Escadron de Combat Virtuel - Québec AirForce List of Wings and Squadrons sorted by language and timezone Catalan (0) Chinese (2) Chinese Gyrfalcon Virtual Fighter Wing 18th VAS "CHINA Virtual Aggressor SQ " - GMT+8 - 18th VAS "CHINA Virtual Aggressor SQ its currently inactive. Croatian (1) 91.VLE"NEBESKI VITEZOVI"/Sky Knights - UTC+1 - Recruiting 52nd Independent Knight Squadron - UTC+1 - Recruiting Danish (1) S-RDAF - UTC+2 - Not recruiting Dutch (2) Belgian Virtual Tigers - UTC+1 - Recruiting 31st VFW- UTC+1 - Recruiting English (17) 27th Virtual Fighter Wing - UTC EST - Not recruiting 20th VFW- UTC-8 - Recruiting 1st Virtual Fighter Wing - UTC-5 - NO LONGER FLYING FALCON BMS DCS ONLY 420th Chaos Reigns - UTC-5 - Recruiting 21º E.V.C VIPER - UTC-3 - Recruiting United Operations Air Forces - UTC - Recruiting 72nd VFW - UTC+3 - Recruiting 87th Stray Dogs - UTC-5 - Recruiting 185th Virtual Fighter Squadron - UTC - Recruiting 384th "Bats Outta Hell VFW - UTC - Recruiting 401st Tactical Fighter Wing - UTC+1 - Recruiting 8th Virtual Fighter Wing- UTC+2 or UTC+8 - Not recruiting Virtual Marine Attack Squadron 214 - UTC+2 or UTC+8 - Recruiting 801st TFW - UTC+10 - Recruiting 56th Virtual Fighter Wing - UTC - Recruiting VAMPYRES - ZULU - Recruiting VFA-141 "Wolfpack" - PST/CST - Recruiting 6th VFW- EUSTZ - Recruiting VETERANS-GAMING - UTC-5 Recruiting 440th Virtual Fighter Wing - UTC-Variable Recruiting 182th Virtual Hawk Fighter Wing - UTC-TRT Recruiting French (6) Escadron de Chasse 05.025 « Mousquetaires » GMT +1 - Recruiting EC \ 05-Stormriders - UTC+1 - Recruiting VFAF Buzzards - UTC+1 - Not recruiting 8th FFW "Dragons" - UTC+1 - Recruiting 35th VFS - UTC+1 - Recruiting 42nd Young Fighters - UTC+1 - Recruiting 101e Escadron de Combat Virtuel - Québec AirForce - UTC-4 - Recruiting German (6) German Virtual Tigers - UTC+1 - Recruiting VJS 161 MAD BULLS- UTC+1 - Recruiting 1st Glory Wings VFW - UTC+1 - Recruiting 47th VFS "Dragon Fighters" - UTC+1 - Recruiting 49TH Black Diamonds - UTC+1 - Recruiting 121st VFS Grim Griffins - UTC+1 - Recruiting Greek (2) 16th "Ark Angels" VFW- UTC+3 - Recruiting 320vFW e-HAF - UTC+2 - Recruiting Hebrew (2) 119vfs the bat squadron - UTC+2 - Recruiting 167vfs - UTC+2 - Recruiting Italian (4) AMVI - Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana - UTC+1 - Recruiting Drunken Reapers - UTC+1 - Recruiting Virtual Italian Air Force- UTC+1 - Recruiting VOLO VIRTUALE 102 - UTC+1 - Recruiting Japanese (1) 35th VFW - UTC+9 - Recruiting Korean (1) 7th VFW WOLFPACK -UTC+9 - Recruiting Polish (1) 13 Wirtualna Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego (13 WELT) - UTC+1 - Recruiting Portuguese (2) 21º E.V.C VIPER - UTC-3 - Recruiting 201 VFS - FALCÕES - UTC - Recruiting Spanish (7) Virtual Venezuelan Air Force /Fuerza Aerea Venezolana Virtual - UTC-4,5 - Recruiting SKYWOLF - UTC-4 - Recruiting ESAF - Escuadrón Sudamericano Allied Force - UTC -4 Recruiting 777th Jokers - UTC+1 - Not recruiting Ejército del Aire Virtual ( EdAv) - UTC+2 - Recruiting Escuadrón 111 - UTC+2 - Recruiting 122 Escuadrón Falcon - Ala 12 Virtual - UTC+1 - Recruiting ESCUADRÓN CRUZ DE SAN ANDRES - UTC+1 - Recruiting GV06-5Js - UTC +1/+2 - Recruiting Swedish (1) Master Arms - UTC+1 - Recruiting Thai (1) Falcon Thailand- UTC+7 - Recruiting Turkish (2) 7th Air Force Command - UTC+2 - Recruiting 9.Virtual Jet Command - UTC+2 - Recruiting
  10. Sve je i dalje DX9...
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    © Tom Catz Legend of BMS Comunity

  12. Thank You Tom Catz ! Legend ! Sve je i dalje freee. …!.....
  13. OK. Ovaj raspored letenja je i dalje aktivan ?
  14. Hey ho! Imaš osnoven informacije u topicu: Prouči to malo, pa se vidimo nekad online!
  15. Hvala... Vidimo se u oblacima !
  16. Pozdrav!!!!
  17. Dobrodošo!
  18. Ime: Darijo Sučić Email Address: darijo.sucic@hotmail.com Navrsenih godina: 44 Igra za koju se prijavljujem: DCS Posjedujem original: Da Public nick: Pasko Steam ID: pasko1973 Internet konekcija: 10Mb Multiplayer iskustvo:DA Bivsi klanovi?: Dirty Dozen = XII= - još uvijek aktivan član Mjesto zivljenja:Krapina Tko vas je pozvao u Mrcine: Internet i zelja za letanjem sa ekipom Sestra (Obavezno da/ne):Ne Poruka u prijavnici: Dakle. 44 godine, gaming iskustvo kojih 20 tak godina. Po zanimanju pomorac, više na moru nego doma. DCS igram od početka posjedujem slijedeće module ( A10 C, Mig 21, A8B, P51, M2000C,Black Shark,Flaming Clifs 3, AJS 37 Viggen... Želja mi je letit sa ekipom koja je ozbiljna.. pružit iskustva a isto tako naučit nešto novoga...
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  26. DCS: F/A-10C Hornet aerobatic solo display video

    Iz ED-a su nas danas ugodno iznenadili videom u kojemu se vidi friško integrirani flight model ovog željno iščekivanog modula za DCS. Iako WIP, flight model pokazuje prepoznatljive Hornet karakteristike!
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