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  1. Ka-50 has no air-refueling capability, although you can certainly land at FARPs (forward air refueling points) if the mission builder provides them. I don't think TS is cheating, and I don't think communication is 'simple', but for now I cannot explain more
  2. If you have a battle between 2 Ka-50's, as usual, the better pilot wins. Normal helicopter docrtrine is to avoid other aircraft, however, the choice is obviously yours. The Vikhr and canon are both reasonable anti-helicopter weapons. For the most part, I believe that MP in BS will be a COOP hit. The helicopter itself includes a number of devices related to the datalink that make it especially well-suited and set up for teamwork. You can, for example, send a helicopter from your team to scout, and when he returns he can upload the targets that he has marked to you. I hope this answers your question
  3. Hi Kiki! If by 'the controls' you mean how hard it is to fly - it is hard. It is very easy to do something that will cause you to crash if you do not fly with finesse. You can make your rotors collide, you can enter vortex ring state and crash, you can simply fly into the ground. It takes a little practice, but once you practice you can fly it without thinking about it. In combat, you do not need to use very many controls, so you should not be reaching all across the cockpit to do something. But, you should have the salvo size and other parameters of yoru attack planned before you begin your attack - you don't want to be switching those during combat. Also, operation of the datalink should be done while hovering to be safe (any set-up task like setting up/changing navigation parameters, etc, should be done in a safe environment, ie. on the ground, in hover, or in cruising flight).
  4. Hello everyone, Perica has asked me if I could answer questions regarding ED's Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark simulation that is in the works right now; I have agreed to this, though of course I will not divulge information that's covered by the NDA. Please post your questions here and I will periodically visit the forum to read and hopeful answer then