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Bobby Fisher

FalconBMS Balkans Theater

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This project contains not only the tiles, but also Korean terrain heavily edited. It will contain new sets and new features not maybe even shown on those few shots here yet. This is also very reason that the work is still WIP and all efforts and time will be commited to verifying continuity of paths, areas, rivers, bridges and all other components important in making the campaign working smoothly and without glitches. It is still quite a lot of work so please be patient.

Thx Polak !






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Hello to everyone, My name is Manu, I am from Division Salamandre, a Military Simulation group from Spain, I am proud to announce that, Salamandre is Going to Host a dedicated server here in Europe with a Dynamic Campaing 24/7

We are new to Flight Simulation, so take this in Consideration, we want to Learn, so we decide to Get up a Dedicated server to meet people and have fun, in this Great Sim.

Our try is to have a Campaing running 24/7 and do some public TE on Weekends, People can enter from ANY country without limitations, and have some fun time here, we have a Teamspeak for those who want to enter,

but you are free to stay on yours and/or do some TE, if you Want.

As I said before, we are triying to have a server where we can meet other pilots, organizate Flights and Learn, Everyone is Welcome here. We believe in the fellowship and Help.

We are going to create some Forum parts on our Website, where you can post some Ideas or you can always post it Here. (Theathers, Mods, Etc..)

The conection will be 100MB Both and Good Specs on the machine.

We are in the Setup of it, so Say tunned for more News!.

Sorry for my english and from our knowledge, We are new to this world.

We remind that everything is subject to change.

Also, we want to thanks Veterans-Gaming for Hosting such Excelent Server, Honestly Thanks

Best regards, Co-Founder of Division Salamandre, Manuel


!You Need tunngle!

I remind that the guy conected as: Manu_server on Tunngle its a Bot, so it will not ansewer your questions, I was there, while some guys entered , but I cant be there 24H, Tunngle its only for CONNECTION, We will use Teamspeak, Dont worry

To connect our server, Simply Install/run tunngle, and enter in our Channel, the listed below.

Tunngle Channel: Falcon 4.0 BMS Mod


Bw: 300


Server Info: Hosting the default campaing just for testing on a provisional Machine.

Notes: We are suffreing issues from the Main server wiht the sim, so the provisional server, will be up till we sweep the issues


This is our First time with falcon and this Server so some words in our Webpage to say hello would be a very good idea, to get up our moral after the first fail of our Main server

our Webpage its not in English (Registher phase) so this is the traduction

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Ja nekak stalno naginjem na analogne avione (Sturmovik, Cliffs of Dover, Rise of flight) jer mi se neda kliketat po 100 gumbića, al' sve ovo zgleda dost zanimljivo.

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to bar lako isprobas sve je free....zero kuna.....posebno je dobar osjecaj ako Falcon PVP odlets u drustvu..sa datalinkom i ostalim stvarima

ja najvise volim MODCLOD sa Cliffs of Dover sa Team Fusion 4 patchem, skoro svaku vecer sam na Atag-u...

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kojom brzinom napreduje FalconBMS zajednica da i mene ponekad iznenade......eto......opet novi pit.....a sve free

plus jos jedan....kojeg cete prepoznat

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isprobah ovo i jako mi se dopalo.....stvar fino radi...(hmm da...malo sam kopao po programcicu pa na sve mozete odgovorit sa OK...Okay.ili....set.......sorry JDUK..nismo svi englezi)
Voice Command Checklist
A great bloke called SouthPawPaul has written a new prog called Sim Voice Checklists for FSX. Fortunately, it can be used in other programs, too, so JDUK done a profile for the Falcon start-up in the BMS mod.
You can find his post all about the utility over at the A2A forum here:
ili na
hvala decki za trud...
PS. stavih programcic u attachment...OK..set...
opalite .exe...pod options ucitajte Falcon profil...stavite kvacicu na listen...Show checklist.start up.....mikrofon na ~80 u options -voice input (opcija Confidence Treshold)/.. i to je to....pod opcijom debug mozete isprobat kako radi...
Bobby out

SVC FalconBMS.rar

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copy & paste
I'm very pleased to announce that Battle For Balkans 1.12 is released. A big thanks to countless People who made this possible not just for Falcon Online but the whole BMS community you guys are the real Hero's behind this project which started almost a Year ago.
There is a credit file in the install please take some time to look at it. So without further ado here's the Download page:
The Battle for Balkans Force on Force Human Campaign 1.1
By Falcon Online
This Has been a JCRP (Joint Community Release Project)
Credits sorted by category:
Textures and terrain: Danguard, Fighting Falcon.
A10 flyable cockpit: Qawa, Sunrrise.
Su-27 3d Model - 611 Eagle
Su-27 flyable cockpit and flight model: Metalhead, Nizmo and Shadow.
Mig 21 external new skin: Neozino.
New Clouds textures and canopy glass mod: Tom Catz.
F16 AGRS A,B,C skins: Soul.
3D ground object: Nove.
Ships 3d new model: CCC_TW.
F16 blk 52 RNLAF, RNoAF, RDAF and weapons skins: JanHas.
Ships Naval operations in the Campaign: Mystic, Danguard.
Campaign building: Mystic, Soul, Danguard, Dado and a big thanks to A.S for a true awesome work on mission.dat file, *.pri files and falcon.aii
Drag and weight data for the racks and weapons: Yakov.
Installer, User Interface, Website by Aphex.
We'd like to express our deep appreciation to all the people mentioned above and for the all squadrons envolved in the beta testing:
72nd VFW; 13 WELT; 117 LAP sqn; 87th Stray Dogs; 42nd CSVS; VO101 PUMA VFW; 185th VFS; 7th AFC; 801st TFW; RED LONEWOLVES; BLUE LONEWOLVES;
373rd vFS; Rapaces Squadron; 122 Escuadron; 77th_PVI; 69° Squadrone ITA; EDAV; 561st; 27th vFW; 156th VFW VIAF; =STP= & Friends; 8th VFW;
49th -Black Diamonds-; 420th; Los Banditos; 1st VFW; 35Th last dragons.
This is just a list of credits for people who have actively contributed with their work outside or inside Falcon Online. I'd like to express my gratitude to many other people for their contribution in terms of friendship and warmth or simple support for their presence.
In this list I'll surely include: Mystic, A.S, Archer, Soul and Dado for the daily partnership in the work and for the big experience in this kind of development and mainly for the friendship in this. A special mention for S.W., Dado with his group, 69th TCKnight with his group
and Whitelion with his hilarious expressions, all these guys gave us the energy to go ahead.
P.S. link za brzi torrent je u attachmentu


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Hi all,
We are releasing version 0.99 of the Israeli theater. The most significant changes in it are new ground objectives, and working campaigns. This version is compatible and tested with Update 7. The full changelog is below.
As always, please continue providing us feedback, it is welcome and helps to improve the theater.
Please uninstall previous versions of the Israeli theater (IT-BMS) before installing this version. To do so run Falcon BMS 4.32\Israel Theater Uninstaller.exe.
Otherwise, simply run the one click installer.
Older missions and campaigns are not compatible with the current version.
Torrent Please seed
Web links Please mirror
File size: 912,941,741 bytes
CRC32 - c6116e4f
MD5 - 70822b49b30c686b3b98fc0ae68cd4d2
SHA1 - a746557344ead3effbb1813f9bfc4fbd3284dc94
Readme file follows, please read.
Israel Theater for Falcon BMS, V0.99
Full documentation is located at: Falcon BMS\Data\Israel\Docs
Israel theater aims to model realistically the environment of Israel and nearby countries, present-day scenarios, and weapon systems as used in the region.
-Accurate terrain with high resolution tiles by Polak. Photo real coverage in selected areas including the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ramat David airport, Tel Aviv and Suez. Realistic elevations based on SRTM data.
-Modeling of all F-16 variants in the region - IAF F-16 A/B/C-30/C-40/D-40/I/I-CFT, EAF F-16C 32/42, RJoAF MLU - 14 squadrons total , with correct skins, models, loadouts and avionic details as much as BMS allows. Custom cockpit textures for IAF C, D and I models.
-Working dynamic campaigns which model actual order of battle down to battaltion numbers
-Realistic training environment: training missiles and bombs, six real life target ranges in Israel
-Real world airport frequencies and included airport diagrams + ILS approach charts for realistic operations
-To Hebrew speakers: Hebrew emergency and normal ops checklists included, based on IAF and LM documents
-Airport name recordings for the ATC comms, and optional fully Hebrew ATC
-TE template with pre-saved IAF squadrons at the correct airports
1. Uninstall the previous version of Israel theater (IT-BMS 0.97) by running "Israel Theater Uninstaller.exe" from your main BMS directory.
2. The setup file for version 0.99 is a standalone installer - run it from any location. Make sure the installer points to the root BMS folder (example: C:\Falcon BMS 4.32).
Saved missions and campaigns from previous versions are not compatible with the latest version.
-Israel configuration editor: all options turned ON.
-BMS configuration editor: 'AWACS Required' (under Settings Campaigns) turned OFF to simulate GCI, which is avaliable to all airforces in the region.
-Campaign challenge rating set to “Rookie”, ADA and AI level set to “Veteran”.
-Scramble mission enabled in falcon bms.cfg
Loadouts were adjusted to reflect the real life status of the various models and operators. For details see "Aircraft, Vehicle and Munition Modifications" in the Docs folder.
30I and 40I are upgraded older models, while the F-16I is based on the F-16D-52+. It can carry the AIM-120, has stronger ECM, higher maximum takeoff weight and CFTs. For details refer to "Aircraft, Vehicle and Munition Modifications.pdf" in the Docs folder.
Note that because the F-16I is a two seat variant, and because many sub systems of the F-16I are not modeled within BMS, we feel that flying blocks C-30I and C-40I yields a more realistic experience.
Chaff and flare amounts, TGP and HTS pods, presence of a braking chute, and graphical effect for practice bombs. No performance data is altered by the patch.
The installer does not modify any base install (global) files. The files are copied to the "Add-On Israel" folder and to new cockpit art subfolders.
The theater configuration editor includes an optional flight models patch, which DOES modify global files - flight models. This patch is always disabled after the installation. We recommend to turn it on when flying in Israel as it sorts various pod and munition issues, but do so only after you read carefully the description and warnings displayed in the config editor. The patch can be disabled anytime.
1) To change settings in the Israel thetaer configuration editor, run: "Israel Theater Settings.exe" from your main BMS directory.
2) To uninstall, run: "Israel Theater Uninstaller.exe" from your main BMS directory.
1) For the F-16I-CFT it is realistic to always decrease the amount of fuel by 1400 lbs in the munitions screen.
This is because no flight model of F-16D-52+CFT is present in the BMS data, and so the F-16I-CFT uses FM of F-16*C*-52+CFT. The I is a two seat variant unlike the F-16C-52+CFT, which holds 1400 lbs more internal fuel.
Note that the F-16I without CFT uses FM of D-52 and so holds the correct amount of internal fuel.
2) It is recommended to restart Falcon BMS after switching theaters in order to avoid CTDs.
3) When loading a saved campaign file the description of the second campaign is shown regardless of the actual saved campaign. This seems to be a general 4.32 issue.
4) When selecting a carrier from the small campaign map a wrong airport name is shown. This seems to be a general 4.32 issue.
5) No 3D model of the TGP carried by Mirage-2000C.
You may freely modify Israel, and redistribute it, as long as you include the credits document found in the Docs folder.
In case you wish to use isolated elements from this theater (skins, terrain tiles, etc) for another project, you should seek the permission of the original creator. See the credits document for detiles. If in doubt, please contact Echo7.
IT-BMS comes with cockpit configuration files to match non-default names of local F-16 models. If you redistribute a mod of IT-BMS you must include these files by either:
A. Changing the DB names of the local models (see below) to your own names and including your own matching cockpit files which will be installed in the art folder. This is preferred and ensures future compatibility.
B. Keeping the current DB names and including the exact same files currently installed by IT-BMS to retain compatibility with IT-BMS. If you do this, also note that your uninstaller must not remove these files if IT-BMS is installed (this can checked the presence of this folder: Falcon BMS 4.32\Data\Add-On Israel). You should let the users know you're sharing cockpit files with IT-BMS because the IT-BMS uninstaller asks whether to remove these cockpit files upon exectuion.
IT-BMS cockpit files are installed in subfolders inside Data\Art\ckptart and Data\Art\ckptartn. These are the subfolders names:
F-16C-30I, F-16C-32E, F-16C-40I, F-16C-42E, F-16D-40I, F-16I, F-16I-CFT, F-16AM-J
A small 'dev' note: you may have noticed that in past releases we've been improving the 'foundations': terrain and database. Using these elements, and the new objectives with functional links / parent data, we are now able to build proper campaigns. So for this release you have two new campaigns: one complete with ground war in Syria (this campaign is fairly quick and aggressive), and another (beta) campaign with air war only in Egypt. As usual, we've done our best to create a realistic experience. The ground forces are modeled after the real armies, down to correct division / brigade / battalion names. Squadrons are the real life ones as well. Equipment types are as accurate as BMS allows, and some new vehicles were added to the DB.
While realistic, these campaigns are a starting point for more complex scenarios which we plan for later versions.
The new objectives are based on Freefalcon's ITO2 objectives, fine tuned and improved after countless hours of testing in the BMS environment. Thank you guys.


New ground objectives with functional links and parent relations.
New concludable campaigns with realistic units and OOB.
Vehicles added to the DB:
--IDF Merkava Mk. III tank (model by ccc)
--IAF CH-53 helicopter (model by ccc)
--EAF MiG-21MF
--EAF MiG-21F, as J-7B equivalent
New models and skins:
--By Hayab: T-62, KrAZ 255t/f, S-60, ZPU-2, KS-19, D-30, Frog-7, Zil-135, OSA 2, OHP
--New Python-4 by JanHas
Updated skins: EAF Mirage 2000, EAF E-2C, EAF AH-64, EAF MiG-21, LAF UH-1, Iraqi Su-25.
Added Rosh Pina airstrip.
Renamed to “Israel Theater” for clarity.
DB and supporting files updated to Update 7 standard.
New UI maps.
Corrections to the road network and bridges.
Removed paths from several non-road tiles, updated THR.
Zeroed sea tiles elevation in several locations.
Corrected (reduced) size of Sea of Galilee.
Replaced M60 tanks in mechanized battalions to TOW Humvee.
Refined loadouts (see documentation for details).
Replaced ACRV model from M113 to the more similar BTR-D.
Less trees at Ramat David for improved performance.
Fixed carrying of jammer at station 5 on USAF F-16's.
Improved F-16I RWR texture.
Added airlift to UH-60 role scores.
Increased recon squad battalion speed to 60.
Enabled UH-60 night flag.
Increased OCA missions priority via offence.pri.
Correct PAK map.
Sorted the equipment list used for adding battalions and ships in the TE editor.
EAF and SAAF patches.
“Training Day” TE with flights to the various target ranges.

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bit ce ovo topla zima...sva sreca sto su imat dosta slobodnog vremena....svasta izlazi ali najvise me obradovalo sto su decki objavili da nakon jaako puno posla izlazi novi *(stari).......Falcon BMS 4.33

Fasten your seat belts, here is the BMS 4.33 teaser ....

Coming soon to a computer near you ....


odlucili su ga ipak danas lansirat ....vele mi decki da zene idu na Haloween pa da mi imamo sto radit...

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napravih krug...skinuh najlon sa elektronickog smeca..prikljucih  se pobunjenicima iz AMD-akoji su na Black Side....i opet zavrsih na pocetku......gejmerski Danteov pakao ili posao kolege Sizifa ?

ko ce ga znati .....

....F-18 & FalconBMS 4.33 Carrier OPS.....opet sam na Balkanu na misijama u susjedstvu koje su se uistinu dogodile (ili mozda nisu).....sad da li su ucestvovali F-18 ?.....iskreno....sab me gabri......meni je super, opustajuce.....dok sirim demokraciju.

jedina stvar koja me moze zadrzat uz monitor i fino opustit na ovim vrucinama......(FalconBMS i ponesto Sturmovika)

prva se ljubav ne zaboravlja ...stih iz pjesme...



posebno mi je drago da se priča o novom Balkanu odvija prema planu ....fotka ispod .... 




new Balkan.jpg

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